Sunday School

Leigh Young, Sunday School Director (770-584-6572)

CHILDREN Janella Brand, Childrenís Minister (706-253-5017)
Our childrenís Sunday School classes follow graded curriculum from toddlers on up that follows the timeline of the Bible.

Ashley Allday, Karina Baggs, JJ Roper
Infant Care/Toddler Time
New Building, Room E110
Mary Caraway
New Building, E107

Krista Newton

New Building, E106

Joan Rutledge, Clint Chapman
New Building, E102
Amanda Jones
New Building, Room E101
The Shepherdís Fluffy Sheep
Cristina Cottrell
Old Building, E102

YOUTH  Hannah Stuart, Youth Minister (706-253-5015)
Our youth Sunday School class includes grades 7 through 12. Teens study a variety of books and topics. Examples are life after high school and fruits of the spirit.

Stephanie Baggs, Paul Stephens, Hannah Stuart
Old Building, Youth Room

Our adult Sunday School classes teach many ages and stages of life. The demographics listed below give the dominant make-up of the class, but are not meant to be exclusive to that particular group. We encourage adults to try different classes to find the right fit for them.

Old Building, Youth Room
Extension of Youth Class

His and HUR

Singles/Some Marrieds
Dave Garner
Old Building, Room E103
In-depth study and discussion of books of the Bible.

Faithful Followers
Parents with Young Children
Bradly Rutledge
Old Building, Walker Hall
Study guides and video series with class discussion.
The GIFT Class
Coed/Ages 40ís and 50ís
Traci Buckingham
Old Building, Room E202
Video series with class discussion.
Coed/Ages 40ís, 50ís, 60ís
Glenn Rasco
Old Building, Room E207
Intensive study of books of the Bible.
Coed/All Ages
Margo Austin
Old Building, Room E208
Coed/40ís and up
Milt Wilson
Old Building, Room E204
Quarterlies/Bible Commentaries with discussion from different perspectives of wide age range.
Coed/55 and up
Bill Stone
New Building, Room 301
Varied Biblical studies and discussion. Frequent fellowship outings.

Willing Workers
Women/50ís and up
Georgia Marie Cagle
New Building, Room 303
Baldwin Class
Men/60ís and up
Bob Baldwin
New Building, Room 302
Quarterlies with open discussion.
Women/60ís and up
Nancy Teague/Kathy Boutwell
Old Building, Room E206
Men/60ís and up
Doug Brooks
Old Building, Room E209