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Children’s Sunday School

Rev. Anna S. J. Walker, Director of Youth and Children’s Ministries  706-253-5032

Our children’s Sunday School classes follow graded curriculum from toddlers on up that follows the timeline of the Bible.

Karina Baggs, JJ Roper
Infant Care/Toddler Time
New Building, Room E110

3’s – 5’s
Kym McCrary
New Building, E107

1st-3rd Grades
Lana Callahan, Clint Chapman
New Building, E102

4th-6th Grades
Cristina Cottrell
Old Building, E102

Youth Sunday School

Rev. Anna S. J. Walker, Director of Youth and Children’s Ministries  706-253-5032

Our youth Sunday School class includes grades 6 through 12. Teens study Intersection quarterlies which contain studies geared toward youth.

Anna Walker, Cindy Pope, Kyle & Jessica Davis
Old Building, Youth Room

Adult Sunday School

The GIFT Class & Messengers
Coed/Ages 40’s, 50’s, 60’s
Glenn Rasco
Old Building, Room E202
Intensive study of books of the Bible

Faithful Followers
Parents with Young Children
Bradley Rutledge
Old Building, Walker Hall
Study guides and video series with class discussion

Women/60’s and up
Nancy Teague/Kathy Boutwell
Old Building, Room E206

Coed/All Ages
Margo Austin
Old Building, Room E208

Coed/40’s and up
Milt Wilson
Old Building, Room E204
Quarterlies/Bible Commentaries with discussion from different perspectives of wide age range

Coed/55 and up
Bill Stone
New Building, Room 301
Varied Biblical studies and discussion & frequent fellowship outings

Willing Workers
Women/50’s and up
Georgia Marie Cagle
New Building, Room 303

Baldwin Class
Men/60’s and up
Bob Baldwin
New Building, Room 302
Quarterlies with open discussion

Stan Barnett SS Class
Mixed Discussion
Old Building, Room E205
Stan Barnett



6:30 PM in Walker Hall