Youth Mission Trip Devotionals

Since 1975 our church has participated in an annual Mission Trip. These mission trips started as something similar to a choir tour. The youth would travel to a community to minister through music and sharing the Gospel; this is one reason why we often call it Youth Mission Trip or YMT. Our mission trips also help teach youth skills – such as construction, painting, and appropriate ways of teaching children – and focuses on connecting them into the larger body of Christ. Over the years the trip has transformed into a multi-generational mission, where people of our church across generations participate in serving others through building projects, kids camps, one-on-one with campers, and much more depending on where we go. YMT helps solidify our church as a congregation of mission-minded followers of Christ, taking the Gospel of love, service, and acceptance to communities all over the United States.

Each year our trips have a different theme and scriptural focus. Along with meeting people’s physical needs, we feed ourselves spiritually in order to share the Gospel more effectively with others. We have nightly worship with music and speakers, as well as a devotional book for each participant of the trip to aid in reflection and prayer. Below you will find some links to devotion books throughout the years. Compiling copies from the years is an on-going process, but we hope that having access to these materials will assist and encourage your spiritual journey as well.

YMT 2023-“Between the Bookmarks”
YMT 2022 “Will Jesus Be There?”
YMT 2021
YMT 2020 – Cancelled due to COVID-19 Pandemic
YMT 2019 – “Dear Younger Me”
YMT 2018 
YMT 2017 – “Christmas in July: Follow the Star”
YMT 2016 – “More Heart, Less Attack”
YMT 2015 – “Multiplied”



If you have access to any previous YMT devotional materials not found here, please contact Pauline Maturo at or by calling the church office.